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of those who can best help to promote the successful growth
of the Association along sound and reasonable lines. We
must keep our mam objective in view—not to make a fortune
in tobacco this year, perhaps, but to be stronger next year
and the next. Wars are won, history teaches, not by winning
battles, but by winning the right battle. And that is some-
thing one must learn in the rough and tumble of politics.
Which compromises to make, for all life is a compromise
with the ideal, but at the same time to move always toward
the ideal and never to lose sight of it or lose the grasp
of it in one's thoughts, God knows, I've made mistakes, I've
made the wrong compromises sometimes and gone right
down the line with the boys, but I've tried not to lose sight
of the final objective "—he lifted his head again and looked
across the gleaming fields—"to be of some service to the
people of my section. And you," he said, turning suddenly,
as though, engaged in his own musings, he had become
oblivious of Mr. Munn's presence and but now recollected
himself, " you have a great future before you. Your prestige
is increasing every day. If the Association survives and
prospers, there is no way to say how far you may go. You
have youth. Energy. Intelligence. Sound legal training.
There is no telling, my boy."

He reached out and laid his hand paternally on Mr. Munn'g
shoulder. Then, as though embarrassed at betraying his own:
feelings, he removed it.